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William serves as Pastor of Reasoning Tree Church in Edinburg, Virginia. He is a regular editorial contributor to various newspapers on social and political topics. The devotional aspect of his writing ministry focuses on doctrinal balance and accuracy. He invites you to comment or question his many essays found on this site. He is also available for guest speaking engagements and book signing events.

Many of William's articles appear on his Facebook page when they are first posted on the current article page. To be immediately informed of new articles e-mail William and be added to his broadcast list or make a Facebook friend request.

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The Christmas TruceThe Christmas Truce is William Shifflett's latest book which is now available. For more details about the book, please see the Christmas Truce page.

Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire is a well balanced book by William Shifflett that speaks to people across a broad spectrum of the Christian community. It is non-sectarian in nature and focuses on the issue that all people face-adversity and trial. Pastor Shifflett leads the reader on a journey through ten different aspects of trial highlighting flaws in much modern thinking and reaffirming God's care through difficult seasons.

For more details about the book, please see the Friendly Fire page.

Generatioal Lies: The Utter Falsehood of Ancestra Curses


Generational Lies: The Utter Falsehood of Ancestral Curses is an e-book by William Shifflett. The book is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store at both the US and UK sites.

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